A Tale of Two Slices

The Prose and Condiments of the American Sandwich

August is National Sandwich Month. Really. (Part 2)

National Sandwich Month may have gone the way of August’s signature heat and humidity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate well into fall. During these last gasps of summer, take the opportunity to squeeze in a few more barbecue sandwiches, a couple more picnic lunches, and most importantly, be sure to take full advantage of some peak-season tomatoes.

I personally used the occasion of National Sandwich Month to try a famed and much-loved sandwich shop in my new neighborhood.

And, since the first documented sandwich recipe was for your basic ham sandwich, and since the number one most popular sandwich in the United States is ham as well, I decided to keep with the tradition and pay homage to the classic cold cut.

Granted, my sandwich was a loose interpretation of this US favorite. I went with a sub, from my neighborhood deli Sainato’s Market, adorned with capicola, provolone, hot pepper relish, lettuce, and tomato. And let me just say, it was quite the party.

All about the cross-section.

Remember, there is still time to celebrate the sandwich. Don’t let those late summer tomatoes go to waste–make the number two sandwich among eaters in the US: the BLT.


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