A Tale of Two Slices

The Prose and Condiments of the American Sandwich

Sandwich Sabbatical No More

I’ve let the record of my sandwiching escapades lapse.

True, this blog has gone months without updates. Be assured, however, that such typographical inertia in no way indicates that I have stopped thinking about sandwiches. Nor have I stopped reading about them. Or eating them. In fact, I’ve been doing a lot of that.

Here are a few topics to look out for as they hit the blog in the coming weeks:

  • The Hot Dog: Not a Sandwich. Well, not always.
  • Sandwich Companions Through Time. A look at the classic side dishes that turn sandwiches into meals.
  • Bread You Can Eat and Bread You Can Drink. Pairing classic sandwiches with tasty brews.

And of course, there are plenty more sandwich excursions to come, including Albany’s reputed “Best Reuben,” a lunch truck adventure, and several forays into non-traditional sandwiching.

Oh, and this guy:

Get excited.

Stay tuned.


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